I first visited Not a Gym about 18 months ago, and now at 50 feel fitter than I have ever felt. My original goal was to lose a little weight, tone up a bit and find some energy; I have done all that but did not realise how good attending classes would make me feel - not just a feeling of achievement but also a really positive "now I could do/face anything" sort of feeling. Going to regular classes has been fun, challenging and very rewarding - Andrea, Jo and the other trainers are very professional but also take the time to get to know their clients creating a safe, accommodating environment where you can feel welcome, not at all self conscious and can exercise hard without worrying about injury or having to work out beyond your abilities. They do push hard, however and I do hurt at times (most times!)... but I have improved so much over the weeks and months and have always wanted to come to the next class! At the end of last year I did a six week bootcamp, finishing on 21st December - it was great to exercise outside either on the beach or at the oval; I did find the whole program really tough but loved the challenge and it was fantastic to reach Christmas ten pounds lighter, also knowing I had done something I would never have managed just over a year before.
I would not call myself an exercise junkie at all and never thought I would be someone who hated missing a class.... but here I am!
I have also met lots of different people there and made a few new friends - everyone is very friendly and supportive of each other PLUS there is always someone hurting in the same place you are - very reassuring!
With gratitude!
Berny King

I would not hesitate in recommending Not a Gym to sporting groups.  Andrea and the team put together a great pre season training program for the Seaford Junior Football Club Under 16 Blacks in 2012/13.  With an emphasis on core strength and stamina.  Programs allowed for monitoring of performance and evaluation of progress.  The players that took part in the training sessions are sure to be further advanced in their football preparation than those who have just started.
Under 16 Coach SJFC

Having been a member of many gyms in the past, lack of motivation became a major hurdle and explained why it was easy to join, but never easy to stay . The formality of filling out cards, never being able to get onto your favorite piece of equipment or gym instructors that simply weren't personable or friendly was a real indication of how much they valued you once you had signed up. 
Andrea and the crew at Not a Gym know you as a person and want you to enjoy your experience with them. It is fun, but more importantly you can enjoy a variety of fitness techniques to improve your overall health and well being. For me, the people you meet become friends and the instructors you meet make it easy to get fit and stay fit......so if you are thinking about taking the plunge, this is a gym I can recommend to you........
Peter Behm

I think the greatest asset for a Gym [ Not a Gym] and personal Training staff  is to put the needs of your clients first. 
I remember one of our first conversations when you explained that the workouts would be tailored to our body’s and needs. 
You weren’t there to impose a regime of intense commando style workouts for your pleasure or enjoyment. 
You were there to provide a safe, stimulating environment where you could manage our workload, for our benefit.
You have  provided  us with varied and stimulating exercise whilst taking into account our injuries.
As we are  50+ year old  men who carried their wounded/damaged limbs from past injuries. 
Credit to your patience and knowledge of just what you shouldn’t  and should do to keep us motivated.
We are the beneficiaries of your motto  “where we take your health personally”
I believe that you and your staff have achieved that ideal.
Craig Dostine, Managing Director
M 0418 595 172

I was fortunate enough after I moved to Seaford 7 years ago to be recommended to sign up at Everything for Women (now Not A Gym).  I was new to the area not knowing anyone and was determined to dedicate some time to my health and fitness, so I met with Andrea and signed up to become a member.  Id like to say I eased myself into it but that was not the case as boot camp with was starting within a week so I said yeah I'll sign up for that too and with Andrea's support I regained my feet back using a gym, attending classes and also my 6wks of boot camp (still doing them today argghh).
As the saying goes one thing led to another and after a few years training with Andrea and becoming friends with other members, she suggested that I go back and study to become qualified to teach at her gym.  This was a big wow for me as I am actually quite shy and the thought of standing in front of a group of people was very daunting but again with Andrea's support this has now become a part of my daily life and I really enjoy training our members and seeing them grow stronger not just physically but mentally as well.
No words could possibly relay my gratitude to Andrea for believing and encouraging me to see something in myself that I was unable to at the time. The difference she had made in my life which in turns allows me to make a difference in our clients is really a beautiful achievement
Kind Regards
Jo Thorne
Manager - FI
MOIRA Disability and Youth Services

After winning the flag in 2011 Mick McGuigan and myself thought it would be good for some of the kids that weren't playing cricket or any other sport in the summer to see if they would be interested in getting themselves fitter and a head start ready for another crack at winning another flag in 2012.
So with a handful of boys and ourselves we went to see Andrea and ask her to put us through a routine to help not only the boys to get fitter but to help the older guys make it through the season.
What turned out to be only a 10 week course turned into a 4 month once a week session with Andrea at Not A Gym with increased numbers.
From day one she taught not only myself but the boys to fight past the pain but to do things we never imagined possible.
Without Andrea's guidance and her strict routine the boys won't be anywhere as fit or have that must stamina throughout 2012
I recommend to anyone who is looking to get the best either out of themselves our as a group do yourself a favour and ring her.
It could be the start of something great like we experienced.
Seaford U16's Yellow

When I joined Not A Gym I wasn’t expecting much – I had been a member of gyms in the past, from smaller ones to the big chains, mixed and women only, so I knew the drill.  Sign up, agree to the pressured sales pitch, convince yourself you’ll stick with it because ‘this time’s different’ and 3 months later you don’t even remember what colour sports bra you own.  But I figured there was a free trial on offer so what did I have to lose.
I’m very happy to say that I couldn’t have been more off track.  You’re not just a number to Andrea (owner), she is genuinely interested in what has brought you in the door and what she can do to help you achieve your desired results.  For me it was a crucial time for my health, as I was weaning myself (under medical supervision) off the antidepressants I had been on for the past 5 years after a car accident.  So my short term goal was to replace them with the endorphins of exercise, while not putting too much pressure on myself.  Within 4 weeks I was hooked, which was very unexpected but welcomed. Exercise and I were never friends, only by joining Not A Gym have I become someone who CHOOSES to train and notices the difference if I haven’t been for a few weeks.
One of the best things about Not A Gym is that you’re not paying for things you don’t need or use.  There are no blaring TVs to turn you into an antisocial zombie and no Foxtel subscription being paid for by your membership fees.  There’s no car park requiring costly swipe cards for access, parking is free on the street.  You’re not using a communal shower and worrying about how clean it is, the only time I’d want to use a gym shower is if the water was off at home!And reduced costs make the memberships more accessible for more people.
There’s something for almost everyone on offer, but I think the emphasis on group classes is the winning formula.  Even though you’re training, the classes are so friendly and social and you always feel welcome.  A funny thing happens at Not A Gym when you don’t show up for a while – people notice! But it’s not because they think you’re lazy, it’s because your company has been missed. There are no prima donnas, no beefcake and nobody takes themselves too seriously.   I’m there to exercise, so I don’t care if I’m not wearing the latest gym wear labels, that I’m a sweaty mess or red as a tomato -  I walk out of there knowing I’ve done myself some good . You can work out as hard as you’re comfortable with, nobody is going to push you beyond your limits. It’s up to you if you do a 20 minute class, or 3 of them one after the other. And unlike other gyms, the classes still go ahead even if you’re the only one who has turned up.
If you’re a guy and prefer a male trainer, Marc’s classes are quite popular.  There’s also PT available for those who prefer 1-on-1 training.  The gym is closed on public holidays but often there are special sessions run for fundraising, for example Good Friday for the RCH Appeal. If you’re a morning person there are classes from 6am.  If you like to go straight to gym from work, there are classes from 5.20pm.  If you work in the city & commute, there are classes starting after 6pm. And nobody minds if you get there after the class has started, jump straight in.  Some members even catch up outside the gym, for dinner, drinks or movies. Of course you can do your own thing as well, with plenty of equipment available both upstairs and downstairs.
Joining Not A Gym was one of the best decisions I have made.  You can take advantage of the free trial and see if it works for you.  You’re not locked into any contract so you can leave at any time, which I think is another part of the winning formula – you’re not there because you have to use the membership you can’t get out of, you’re there because you want to be.  
Andrea F

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