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Exercise for people with special needs
NDIS Approved - All Ages - All Abilities
About Specialcise
An exercise program with a difference.
We all have special qualities and people with developmental disabilities need to be fit and active just like their typically developing peers. At Specialcise our specifically tailored programs are designed to not only meet typical exercise goals such as increasing fitness and strength, building muscle and confidence; but we have also incorporated important brain development exercises like crossing the midline along with necessary fine motor, gross motor and core development exercises. 
We will be holding groups for:
To find out more about this AMAZING program, click HERE to read about the program creators Maree & Kayne & how the program came about. 
Fitness Program
Our fitness program is designed so you can concentrate on the delivery of the program and working with your participants. We’ve sorted the content for you and each program includes the following aspects:
Warm Up
Various activities to warm up specific muscles groups that will be used during specialised program. Also includes digit dexterity, independent movement and sequencing and hemisphere integration.
Light aerobic games that are fun for kids and adults. Promotes interaction between trainer and peers prior to commencing workout and incorporates various brain and cognitive development exercises.
Specifically tailored programs designed to meet typical exercise goals such as increasing fitness and strength; building muscle and confidence; boosting cardiovascular endurance; increasing attention span, energy and vitality.
Warm Down
Stretching, relaxation and breathing techniques to cool down after workout program and return heartbeat to normalcy and help reduce muscle fatigue. Audio files allow trainers to focus on assisting and demonstrating positions.
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