Sick of boring gym work-outs. Sick of the lack of service and support from gyms. Intimated by all the hype at gyms.  Then we want you at our center. You will LOVE it!

Not a Gym is for:

Pay Week to Week 

We call ourselves Not a Gym to try and separate us for the big centers that don't offer much supervision & support or don't accommodate well for beginners.

The programs and classes we run are not like the main stream 'gyms'. We provide better variety and flexibility to try and accommodate most fitness levels. We prefer to hold small Group or one-on-one sessions to ensure a high level of service is provided. 

Our Classes are also taken by the Personal Trainers, NOT Fitness Aerobics Instructors, so we can make educated adjustment to accommodate different abilities in most classes.

You will receive a Free Assessment before you begin so we can analyse which classes & programs will be the best suited for your needs and fitness level.

You choose either a -
for unlimited access to center & classes

Or for the RAPID RESULTS and BEST PRICE select a -
We offer 
(*Minimum Term to receive the discounts. Further discounts apply for 6 or 12 month Membership)

Discounts for Seniors, Students, Families & Groups 2+

Try us out for a FREE WEEK TRIAL 
- You've got nothing to lose.

Personal Trainers 
Learn a skill or topic to enhance your Health & Wellbeing like Pilate's, Yoga, Foam Roller, Nutrition... or come along for our 2.5Hr Relax & Restore Sessions

Go for it! Challenge your self. SUNRISE & SUNSET times. 
Body Scans, weigh-ins, Food & Training Plans. 
Weekly Time trials & scoring, to help you stay motivated & keep track of your improvements. 
Beat the clock - compete only with yourself.
Interval Session at your intensity. MAX calories BURN... for as little as just $12 a session...Book in - be held accountable. Take the Challenge!!! 

Download Group Training  Timetable
Women's Weight Loss Club
Our very own  Weight Loss Club has proven to be a huge success. Visit our weekly or Monthly meetings to learn & discuss Nutrition & Weigh Loss tips. With Personaliseed Nutrition Plans from our Nutritionist, Food Diary reviews and weigh-ins.This is a very supporting environment to help you stay motivated and educated to long term weight loss. 
$15 p/sess - Min  6 wks  Enquire here or book in.
click here for their profiles.

Classes l Bootcamps l Personal Training
                       ... or all of the above!
Group Training Sessions are EMPOWING, more FUN & with personalised attention... much more effective than a boring gym workout on your own:
l BOXINGFit, l Circuit45 l GravityFit, l BootCamp  l BODY Tone  l FitBall l H.I.I.T l KID-Fit   l Yoga-late's l Family FIT l TABATA  l CORE-some... and much more. 
KidFIT Programs
Let's encourage our local kids to MOVE-IT, to improve their SELF ESTEEM, to understand more about their bodies, & their health... while burning off heaps of energy. 
When Mum, or Dad joins as a Member... your KIDS TRAIN FREE.
We focus on balance, co-ordination, strength, fitness, determination & of course LOTS of fun, all in a non-competitive environment.
Having your own Mentor & Coach is the ultimate way to reaching your goals in the quickest time. You may want a Trainer for that extra push, or you may need some Nutritional guidance and be held accountable each week. 
No matter what you're wanting achieve, a Personalised   Program will ensure you train effectively & safely. We have 6 highly skilled and experienced Personal Trainers to choose from.
Payable per session/ per block or combined on a PT Membership for greater discounts 

Do you feel this agile and energetic during & after work? Are your employees overworking and looking tired and lethargic. This could lead to under-productive staff taking too many sick days. Let us write you a tailored Corporate Health & Fitness Program to invigorate you and your employees - done here on-site with us or we can come to you.     

Corporate Health 
email Andrea for a Corporate Proposal.