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Andrea had a life changing moment 7 years ago when due to illness and a year long recovery for a serious asthma attack, she got her health back.  So the next 2 years of dedicating her life to her health and fitness she stripped down almost 30kg's, studied to become a Personal Trainer & decided to leave her Management job in the corporate world to branch out to buy her first Ladies Only Fitness Center in Seaford in 2005. Then came Not a Gym in 2011 when there seemed to be a gap in the market that wasn't catering well for those starting out and not enough classes with GOOD Coaching. So the past 6 years have been all about research & finding out what the people really want from a Fitness Centre .. and more importantly what they DON'T want. Andrea's specialties are Weight Loss Mentoring, Train the Trainer, Kids Fitness, Sporting Team Fitness Coaching, Functionality Training, Core Stability, Suspension Training, Boxing & a teaching & Assessing for  Fitness Certificates
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Kaileigh specialises in Sports specific training, weight loss, Postural alignment and rehabilitation, remedial massage therapy, sports massage, Myotherapy, a sports trainer & Therapist for St Kilda FC

Kaileigh's background was in many sports ranging from netball and trampolining to the other extremes of rugby and cricket. From this she has a great understanding of what Fitness, Strength & Therapies are require to improve your game.
Kaileigh's passion now lies in Myotherapy and building her team in her business Seaford Myotherapy & Sports Massage which also operates out of Not a Gym.
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A past member and a popular Personal Trainer because Jo knows first hand what its like to battle the weight-loss journey after having kids and lacked self confidence and motivation. Jo was a member with us first, turned her life around, became a is fully qualified Cert IV Personal Trainer, so now can pay-it-forward. Fitness & strength is now a part of her life. She is a dedicated Trainer & qualified Teacher & Assessor who has compassion, motivation & drive. 
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Ryan is an incredibly driven passionate Health Professional, who's strengths are Energy, MMA, Boxing, Functionality, Strength & Power Training. 
Ryan is fully qualified Cert IV Personal Trainer & currently studying his Bachular of Sicence in Education to become a PE Teacher. Ryan is a AFL Football Coach with Seaford FC and runs our awesome HIIT, Boxing & FamilyFIT Circuits
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A past member of our original centre Everything for Women, Mel has been with us for over 12 yrs and now focuses on Fitness Training as her career after attaining her Certificate IV in Fitness. We are very proud of her dedication and achievements. Mel has run our Beginner Fitness Classes for over 10yrs and the members just love her kind heart & loyality

Not a Gym is a Training facility for education in Fitness for The Australian Institute of Fitness
Massage & Myotherapy available on site at Not a Gym
Not a Gym proudly sponsors and supports charities & local clubs
Not a Gym proudly sponsors and supports charities & local clubs
Not a Gym proudly sponsors and supports charities & local clubs
Not a Gym proudly sponsors and supports charities & local clubs
Seaford Myotherapy & Sports Massage
Our story started in 2005 when we purchased Everything for Women in 2005, expanding to the adjoining building in 2008, then moving to Peninsula Blvd Seaford in 2011. Until now in Oct 2016 we expanded once again to our new premises at 62 Hartnet Dve Seaford... 
We call ourselves Not a Gym to try and separate us for the big centers that don't offer much supervision & support or don't accommodate well for beginners.

The programs and classes we run are not like the main stream 'gyms'. We provide better variety and flexibility to try and accommodate most fitness levels. We prefer to hold small Group or one-on-one sessions to ensure a high level of service is provided. 

Our Classes are also taken by the Personal Trainers, NOT Fitness Aerobics Instructors, so we can make educated adjustment to accommodate different abilities in most classes.
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Melissa Franks
Personal Trainer
Kaileigh Elbrow
Personal Trainer
& Myotherapist 
Andrea Vincent
Personal Trainer
Fitness Teacher 
-TAE Trainer & Assessor
Jo Thorne
Personal Trainer
Ryan Mosca
Personal Trainer