Women's Weight Loss Club

We have specialised in women's health for over 10 years, in our previous club on Everything for Women on Nepean Hwy Seaford.

And we still have a non-competitve enviroment thats is suitable for women of all fitness levels - of all ages.

Our classes are suitable for beginners, at a slow learning pace, then work upto intermediate classes after your of strength & fitness has increased (and confidence)

You will find Personal Trainers with years of experience teaching you all the right moves at the right intensity.
We successfully join up 95% of women who come down to try us out. 
So why don't YOU give it a go!
This is a supportive Weight Loss Program to motivate & educate you to achieve a Healthy Lifestyle.  It will not only change your body, it will also change your mind, your attitude & your self-belief.


Our Women's RESULTS CLUB is incredibly successful and  proving to be one of the BEST we have written so far. Click here to find out more
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